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ripe  [rahyp]


1. having arrived at the highest point of development or excellence, as to be ready for reaping, gathering or eating.



    2. reggae, real jerk, rum, vibes


"Ripe Is The King of Jerk!"

Proclaimed TV Food Network's Throwdown Host & Iron Chef, Bobby Flay.



"The Best Jerk Steak I Ever Had!"

Declared the "Fastest Man On Earth", Usain Bolt.




Ripe is once again in the NEWS!

Ripe was chosen as the "Best of the Best" in Westchester for

their Blazing Jerk Chicken!



New Phone #





Ripe Kitchen & Bar is a little surreal, a little funky, and a lot cool.

The Westchester Magazine, February 2005


Mr. Spence s Wood-Smoked

Jerk Chicken alone is worth

the one-mile detour off the

Hutchinson River Parkway

The New York Times, March 2005


Ripe Kitchen & Bar has all the ingredients to be a direct take-off of the popular American comedy show, Cheers, the neighborhood restaurant and bar, where everybody knows your name.


The Jamaican /Collectors Edition/ Magazine, January 2006



 With a bite of a crunchy Spring Roll, stuffed with plantains and cod, or a roasted plantain stuffed with cod and onions-you land in Jamaica.

The Journal News, March 2006