DEEP FRIED Jerk Turkey

Ripe’s Ultimate Deep Fried Jerk Turkey





Back by ridiculously popular demand this year is Ripe’s "Ultimate Deep Fried Jerk Turkey" to “bless up” your Thanksgiving table. 


I once again "dare" you to find anywhere in NYC that  you can even "buy" one of these birds, much less get it as "flavor packed" as these are! 


We just received our last special order shipment of 16 week old, 11 pound Butterball “hen” turkeys.


 It is argued that the “hen” turkeys have a much better taste than their “Tom” turkey counterparts.  Others say there is no difference.

You be the judge!


Our deep-fried jerk turkeys are an experience you won’t soon forget, and will have you eating turkey faster than you can say “god dammit, she sure is juicy!”


I just love it every year at the dinner table when I hear the infamous “Oh, No Thanks, I don’t do turkey, its TOO DRY!”.   Then I uncover my “MAGIC”  bird and watch them hover like vultures over it, begging even for the BREAST meat, that sends juices running down their chins!


We have converted many a NON-turkey eater into “TURKEY GLUTTONS!”

Please keep that in mind when ordering, as these turkey hens are only 11 pounds in weight, RAW.  


This is NOT a bird that’s going to feed your entire family plus Uncle Big Belly and his son, Bottomless Pit.

Also, all the people you are counting on NOT to eat turkey, WILL eat this one.  So do NOT make this the bird of the evening, but rather an ADDITION to the dinner party. A RARE but tasty treat!   Kinda like the Fried Chicken and Quarter Water Cousin CheapSkate brought; it ain’t gonna feed everybody!


Many have inquired about the preparation of our birds, and some are even attempting to do it themselves this year. We are always the first to support and encourage new cooking and eating escapades, but in this case it’s a lot cheaper to just buy it from us, and also much less chance of you ending up in the EMERGENCY ROOM burn center for the holidays. 


Besides, a vat of Peanut Oil plus a "safe" Deep Fryer Setup with propane can get very costly, and you haven't even got the bird or got burnt yet, so leave it to the Pro's!


Many of the set-ups sold in department stores are not very safe, and don't keep the oil at the high temperature required to cook the bird properly.


Deep-frying these birds is not for the faint-hearted.


But if you insist, here is a brief description of our in-house preparation.


A full recipe and safe setup and handling techniques can be obtained upon request.

We cannot guarantee your safety.  The oil WILL at some point burn the shit out of you. Especially doing as many birds as we do.  It is recommended to keep a few Mojito's on hand to numb the pain.


In preparation for the deep fryer, our birds are submerged in brine for 8 hours.  This increases the flavor profile and juiciness of our finished product. We then season them with our “made from scratch” Jerk Rub inside and outside of the cavity and under the skin. (a lot of the seasoning is lost from the outside during the deep frying process, so under skin seasoning is very important for flavor). The birds are then left to marinate in open air, uncovered, in a controlled temperature refrigerator for 48 hours. This deepens the jerk flavor and also allows the rub to dry and “stick” to the skin, so less is lost during the cooking process, and yields a more flavorful, darker skin. We then remove them from the cooler, and allow them to come to room temperature just before cooking.  Then it is on to the deep frying vat, where it is submerged in pure, boiling, 375 degree, super-flavored, unadulterated peanut oil for 24 minutes, or until we feel it is done!

We  undercook it slightly, if not being consumed immediately, to allow for the residual cooking it gets while cooling, and for the additional heat it gets when re-warming. 

THESE TURKEYS RE-WARM VERY WELL BY COVERING COMPLETELY WITH FOIL AND PUTTING IT IN A 350 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes. Allow more time the colder the bird is. They will be just as juicy as when they came straight out of the Fryer!


The absolute most delicious turkey is the VERY LAST one cooked in the VERY seasoned oil.  Sorry, that one is reserved for the house.  It’s our reward for the painstaking and dangerous work of deep-frying these wonderful birds, and we all look forward to sharing it at the very end, as our informal Thanksgiving feast.


Happy Thanksgiving, from the kitchen at Ripe!   


Call 914-664-8961 to place you order, or email us at –please wait for a return email to confirm that we can fulfill your order.(Birds might be sold out)


All orders MUST be paid in full within 24 hours of order placement.  No orders accepted after 10pm, Sunday November 19th, 2006.

Orders placed on November 19th, 2006 must be paid in full by 11pm that evening.


$45 per Turkey.


Deep-Fried Turkeys are to be picked up on Tuesday & Wednesday November 21st and 22nd, 2006 between 5pm and 11pm.



Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006,  8am--


Due the overwhelming number of orders, de turkey dem done!




The Ripe Turkey Freaks