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These are a few of our key clients who depend on us for catering services:


The Mayor's Office, Gracie Mansion NYC

Ruder Finn Public Relations Firm, NYC

Bronx Borough Presidents Office, NYC



The Mayors Office, Mount Vernon NY

City Hall, Mount Vernon, NY

Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, NY

Home Goods Department Store, Yonkers, NY

US District Court, White Plains, NY

Macedonia Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, NY

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Bronx, NY

Board of Education, Mount Vernon, NY

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Email your order to


call the

catering hotline


All prices quoted are for LARGE, DEEP catering trays.

Each tray easily feeds approximately 18-20 people 


Half, DEEP catering trays are also available on some items,

and easily feed approximately 8-10 people,

and is approximately half the price of the full trays




Kingston Curried Goat  225

Bite-sized chunks of bone-in “real” goat meat in a spicy curry

Feeds at least 20 hungry people, more with other selections



Ripe's  Jamaican "Cannonball" Meatballs  175

Spicy bite sized meatballs seasoned with island BBQ spices

Feeds well over 20 people with 2-3 meatballs per person

-very popular with both kids and adults

A great addition to any order to "stretch" your budget


Braised Oxtail  290

Slow cooked in a red wine brown sauce

with large butter beans

yes..we all experience oxtail sticker shock!

its right up there with fillet Mignon these days

..who wudda thunk it?

These are large deep trays that feed a lot of oxtail freaks!



Jamaican Country Stew (stew peas) 190

Popular Jamaican Beef Stew except we send it to the moon by using

choice cuts of our infamous BIG-ASS Jerk Rib-Eye Steak with

Red  Beans and Coconut Milk.

A very hearty, tasty, rustic, stick to your ribs kinda dish.

Feeds 20 people and more!

Order with white rice and 1 or 2 sides and you got a party!


Jamaican Roast Pork  185

Bite sized pieces of  pork marinated in Ripe’s

special “roadside” marinade and roasted till tender and

succulent --Feeds 20 people and beyond.

This plus our Scalloped Potatoes

makes a great addition to a festive table for the holidays

-or use it to make any day a holiday instead



Ripe’s Original Jerk Chicken Bites   195

Jerk Chicken marinated in our

signature “made from scratch” Jerk Rub

and slow-grilled on our massive grill.

(this is NOT that oven baked crap smothered with

mystery sauce from those ugly commercial tubs)

We use Whole Chickens, so you get a mixture of BOTH

dark & white meat with that distinct “char-grilled” flavor.

Ripe has grilled over 239,000 chickens since way back in 2003,

so we kinda know a thing or two about what makes it great.

Cut into bite sized pieces for easy eating at your event.

Feeds up to 20 people

but order wisely, 'cause everybody LOVES our  authentic jerk chicken!

Add Rice & Peas and Field Green Salad and you are all

set to enjoy an evening in the tropics!



“Asian inspired” Island Chicken  185

Cut up bone-in chicken stewed with a combination

of Caribbean and Asian spices.



Gheera Chicken    185

Indo-Caribbean Style Indian chicken

with cumin and other spices



Good ‘Ol Curried Chicken   185

Cut-up bone-in chicken in our own house made spicy curry


Brown Stewed Chicken 185

Cut-Up Bone In Chicken slow braised in

a spicy red wine brown sauce

Ripe's Jerk BBQ Chicken 185

Bone- In Chicken with our  in-house blend

of Jerk BBQ Sauce



Buffalo Soldier Jerk Wings 195

Spicy Party Wings marinated in our secret

Jerk Sauce=always a hit!



Jerk Chicken Quesadillas  185

Soft  flour tortillas stuffed with Jerk Chicken,

Pepper Jack Cheese, and Grilled Mushrooms. 

Served with Mexican sour cream and a tropical mango salsa

Very popular for cocktail, finger food, and kids parties    


Yard Gone to Italy  260

(Rasta Pasta)

We have not changed the recipe since we started this whole

Rasta Pasta debacle way back in May 2003,

we only changed the name cause we got bored with it!

Linguine with Large Tiger Shrimp, Mushrooms,

Spinach, Ricotta & Parmesan cheese in a garlic- seafood sauce

A favorite of the small & big kids

Feeds more than 22 people

Jerk Chicken Pasta-195


Ripe’s Ultimate Caribbean Seafood Rice  175

 Large Spicy shell-on Peppered Shrimp,  Ripe’s Original Jerk Chicken,

and garden vegetables in a yellow seafood rice.

Your guests will marvel at the beauty of this

seafood & chicken flavor explosion.

Can be served as a main dish, or side dish


Red-Stripe Beer Steamed Mussels 145


Large trays only

Straight from the sea Prince Edward Island Mussels

in a Spicy Red Stripe-Coconut Scotch Bonnet Broth

The Ultimate Aphrodisiac Appetizer-Get Your Groove On!

Gives Your Buffet Table that "UPSCALE" look without the price to go with it!

This selection is best ordered for our in-house parties,

because they must be served as soon as they are prepared!

They are a ton of fun to eat without the "seafood sticker shock!"


Cajun-Flavored Catfish   175

Large trays only

Boneless Catfish Fillets with a spicy New Orleans style secret Cajun rub

that we developed during competition



Escoveitch Boneless Fish Bites  195

Boneless RED Tilapia fillets, delicately fried till golden,

then steeped in a spicy,vinegary pickle, and a carrot and onion julienne.

Red Tilapia is very tender and has a texture

very similar to Red Snapper, & marries well with

the pickled sauce, and best of all, no bones for your guests to deal with!

Feeds more than 20 people

(you can substitute whole , bone in, head on, Snapper or Snapper fillets or

Sea Bass by request, and we will adjust to the market price, but you may suffer sticker shock!)


Smoked Salmon Quesadillas  185

Large trays only

Fun, bite sized quesadillas with smoked salmon, spicy

pepper-jack cheese, capers and scallions



Codfish Spring Rolls 245

Large trays only

Asian style spring rolls stuffed with roasted

red peppers, caramelized onions and codfish-

--one of the original customer favorites of the original restaurant menu--



Barbecued  Salmon 290

Large trays only

Boneless fillets of Salmon roasted with our own

barbecue sauce till just cooked through and succulent

—NEVER DRY! These are hand picked and custom

fabricated by Mike & Geo, our fish guys from

the Fulton Fish Market.

(can substitute JERK salmon)



Caribbean Curried Shrimp  290

Large Tiger Shrimp with mixed fresh vegetables

and diced potatoes, in Ripe's house made spicy curry.



Shrimp Quesadillas  225

Soft  flour tortillas stuffed with grilled Tiger shrimp,

pepper jack cheese, and grilled mushrooms.

Very popular for cocktail parties, & 

finger food settings. 

Kids (and big kids) go bananas for them!

Very Tasty!



St. Elizabeth Style Peppered Shrimp 240

Peel and eat LARGE head-on shrimp in a spicy scotch bonnet sauce

These literally "disappear" at ANY function!

These are great to keep near the bar area of your party.

Its the perfect thing to pop in your mouth with a beer

or mixed drink over conversation

Feeds 25 and beyond as an appetizer!

Our MOST requested party pleaser!

Serve at room temperature



Mini Caribbean Crab and Codfish Cakes  260

Claw  & Back fin Crab meat mixed with fresh cod and

just enough filling to hold it all together, with  red peppers

scallions, and a spicy mayonnaise

We'll bet your guests can't eat just one,

and not want more and more


Tomato Choka  165

Fire-Roasted Smoked Tomatoes with onions & garlic

..very tasty side dish and accidentally vegan 


Codfish Buljol Salad 195

Popular Trinidadian side dish—codfish, onions, tomato,

peppers and avocado tossed with olive oil to

make a Caribbean style salad.

A great non-traditional component to your party

which can  substitute for green salad, and

a very popular side dish for those finicky non-meat eaters!



 Plantain & Codfish Medley  165

A catering variation of our  ever popular “Plantain Boats”

on the restaurant menu.

The plantains are sliced on the bias and tossed

with a codfish & vegetable medley instead of being stuffed,

to facilitate more servings in a party tray.

A tasty and interesting twist of salt and sweet

Your non-Caribbean guests will feel like they took a trip

to the Islands with one mouthful of this marriage made in heaven!

A great side-dish.  So Caribbean and so delicious

Three Cheese Mac & Cheese 165

Creamy Cheddar, Jack & Blue cheese

-if your kitchen skills cant convince three cheeses plus butter, cream and macaroni 

to show off their perfectly delicious flavors to you, then its time to exit left from the kitchen stage!



Scalloped Potatoes 185

Paper thin slices of potatoes layered and baked with

garlic cream and Parmesan cheese

This ain't your Mama's American style scalloped potato!

(sorry mama-but I'll have yours at Thanksgiving dinner)

This is a much more delicate rendition using a

painstakingly tedious process to achieve success

we didn't use the cheat sheet by adding a ton of cheap asss goopy cheese

Its hard to resist this light and creamy rendition

Feeds more than 20 people


Field Green Salad  95

Giant bounty of young baby reds & greens tossed

with a balsamic vinaigrette

Vegans appreciate this as an option, but won't like you if its their only option

Vegetarian Pasta Salad  185

Penne or linguine pasta tossed with roasted cherry tomatoes, baby bella

mushrooms, yellow squash, sauteed zucchini and caramelized onions

in a roasted garlic, Parmesan and ricotta cheese sauce

Easily feeds more than 20 people

this party pleaser is vegetarian, NOT vegan


-please specify vegan and we won't hesitate to swap out with some awesome

in-house made vegan ingredients--even the most finicky vegan guest

will LOVE you for this delicious dish

no dairy, no soy, non-gmo, no crappy oils, no frankenfoods

but u need to do your part and add $25 bucks to the sticker price

need vegan AND gluten free?  We GOT this!

need a one ingredient pasta?  we got you!

please tell us about any allergies!




Rice & Peas   95

Red Beans, Coconut milk, herbs and spices

Vegans love it!

Black Beans & Rice 95

Large Trays Only

Vegans love it!

White Rice   85

white rice is always good, but Vegans think its boring AF

and will hate you if this is all you have for them to eat!    


Fried Ripe Plantains 115

Always very ripe and sweet!

Never oily, never starchy, just pure goodness in every bite.

You might think our plantains were grown next to sugarcane bush!

Vegans love it!


Caribbean Style Spinach (Bhagee) 145

Spinach and Okra stewed in coconut milk

One of our favorites..very flavorful and Vegans love it


Curried Chick Peas 145

(Garbanzo Beans) (Channa)

Chickpeas stewed in an island curry, with freshly diced vegetables

...great with Roti or just as a side dish. Vegans LOVE this one!


Codfish Roti Skins 165

Large trays only

Roti with Codfish baked into the dough


Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes 135


This silky puree is so good you don't need that heart stopping gravy


Herb-Roasted Vegetables   135

A simple infusion of aromatic thyme, olive oil and sea salt

is what makes this Yellow and Green Squash, Japanese Eggplant,

roasted Tomato and Onion medley so good Vegans love it!

Roasted Yucca Bites (yams)  125

Steeped in a salt water brine, then roasted with

a garlic cilantro oil.

This recipe comes directly from the Dominican influence

in kitchens I have worked over the years Vegans love it!

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