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RIPE GROW - is a new direction that we are taking and it has been a concept for a while.  Now, we have a chance to bring it to life while putting ourselves back together - better and stronger. 

We are becoming not only mainly farm to table restaurant but we are also growing food that will bring community a new opportunity to purchase produce (vegetables and greens) that we grow in our backyard.  We feel that we have always been sort of a trailblazer in food business and introducing people to new things, so it is only fair that we give community the opportunity to buy fresh, locally grown and healthy food right here at their doorstep.  We hope that the concept allows us to introduce different take on eating, and ignite interest in the community we are a part of and set an example for our younger generation on nourishing and growing things for your own consumption as our ancestors did long before we came up with the idea...But also, how eating from your own backyard makes everything taste better and makes you feel healthier and cleaner.  The garden will be seasonal and we will keep you posted on what is available for purchase.  

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